Bubbles Necklace

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Discover the Bubbles Necklace - a true embodiment of versatility! This meticulously designed necklace offers endless possibilities, allowing you to explore different orientations and adjust the strategically placed silicone stoppers along the chain. Embrace your versatility and elegance with this classy accessory that complements any look. Don't miss our demo video for a captivating show-and-tell of the Bubbles Necklace's remarkable features!

Materials All metals are brass finished with plating (see below)
-Orbs are solid acrylic with silk coating (*Nickel Free)
-Orbs for the GG colourways are Tinted Glass
-(Please note: these glass beads are sturdy and are not easily broken).
Due to the glass-making process, each bead may have colour variations

Finishing 12K Gold, Rhodium, Rose Gold, *Black Zinc on brass (*Nickel Free)

Dimensions 1 mm brass snake chain, plating as noted above
Approximately 35 1/2" long,
*Slight variations may occur

All of our pieces are designed and made in small batches in our studio in Toronto, Canada
Weight: 45.4 g (1.6 oz)