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       “I bought some Helene Clarkson items and have since gone back and bought more! I fly carry-on only and HC items are genius for business and urban travel. They save so much room in the carry-on that now I have room for my work out clothes so I have no excuse not to work out when on the road.” – JL

      “I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE each piece !!! The fabric drapes so beautifully and the fit is amazing!!!! I travel several times a month (as a flight attendant) and I will definitely be ordering more from your collections soon... I see your pieces living in my suitcase transitioning stylishly as I fly between Hawaii, New York City, Sydney and Tokyo! Looking forward to seeing more of your future collections and becoming a Helene Clarkson Girl." – JA

      “Received all my ordered pieces and once again am sooo happy with every item!!!! I wore the pant/top/jacket in Tokyo, and the dress while running errands in Honolulu."

       "Helene, I LOVE the fit and quality of your clothing line -- I feel as if everything was made just for me!!!" – JA

      “The fabric you use is absolutely wonderful and the cuts are so beautiful. I’m thinking of getting rid of my entire wardrobe and only wearing your pieces. They are exactly what I have been looking for for so many years. The simplicity and the graceful feminine lines while being a little sexy are active at the same time, truly genius." – Anonymous

      "I’m so glad to have found you!" – Anonymous

       "Thank you for the stunning, functional pieces. Wishing you the very best!” – JW

       “Helene, the clothes are so beautiful. I've had a ton of compliments. “ – TP

       “I absolutely love your clothing line. They are so comfortable and elegant looking. I plan to replace my Eileen Fisher pieces with Helene Clarkson pieces. Will definitely be getting more from your line.” – SVC

      “Comfort doesn’t have to look sloppy and versatility doesn’t have to be gimmicky. Helene Clarkson knows how to do comfort and versatility with first class style.” – Travel Fashion Girl