Ibérina Design - “Movie Collection” - Out of Africa Necklace

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Inspired by the film "Out of Africa" this handmade necklace is made from ebonized wood and resin beads.

Movies are all times favourites for most of us. And just like that Ibérina's pieces are the same. With their strong identity and unique visual strengths, they are also someone’s special object of collecting and memory! 

Each collection grows organically at the designer's hands inspired by a specific subject that fascinates us. They have a direct or indirect connection to the materials we work with. And this collection is inspired by all-time favourite movies that marked us either from their landscape, storytelling, soundtracks, or specific characters. The selection of materials takes shape at the hands of the designer transforming itself into something worthy of the wardrobe for that specific cinematography. 

Ibérina Design pieces are thoughtfully designed and handmade in Toronto by Ibérina Raquel from the finest materials: semi-precious stones, Czech glass, and ebonized wood beads. 

This is a limited edition 1 of 5