Ibérina Design - Zelda Fitzgerald Necklace

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Purple Agate, Black Onyx, Black Agate pendant, silk tassel

The fashion movement during the 20’s was a liberating time for women. An era of display of the elegance, sensuality and freedom of women. 

Fashion played a big role and we pahomage this period with a line of pieces that are elegant, fun, versatile and eye catching. 

This collection is inspired by great women from in the decade of 20s that marked their presence with an irreverent and restless attitude that changed the way woman where perceived in society by their looks and behaviour. Created in a monochromatic pallet of colours associated to each women in an elegant way perpetuated of this beautiful and elegant era. 

Zelda Fitzgerald was an American socialite, novelist, and painter. Born in Montgomery, Alabama, she was noted for her beauty and high spirits, and was dubbed by her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald as "the first American flapper".


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