Stitch Map Leather Luggage Tag

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This leather tag is specially perforated so that it’s a blank canvas to be cross-stitched with a unique design. It comes with a needle and threads (on a cute aeroplane board!). Stitch your initials, a country flag or bespoke design to create a personalised label. Simply remove the strap to stitch the cover, and pop in your business card or contact information into the clear pouch inside.

Stitch Luggage Tag is made from soft leather to age beautifully as it travels with you…and will stand out on any crowded conveyer belt!

Includes real leather tag, 2 colour threads & 1 needle in card gift packaging.

Brown comes with teal & turquoise thread & needle

For an extra special gift, why not pre-stitch the luggage tag with the initials of a special someone with big travel plans!