Helene Clarkson F/W 2019: Paris

Helene Clarkson F/W 2019: Paris

Paris, the city where there's always something beautiful around the next corner. Strolling the cobbled streets along the Canal Saint-Martin, the perfect atmosphere for Helene Clarkson's F/W 2019 collection transpired. In the words of Audrey Hepburn, "Paris is always a good idea".

If you want a travel wardrobe that's both stylish and versatile and will easily fit into your carry on bag, follow Helene's Paris Packing List for essential pieces that can be mixed and matched for the perfect multi-purpose travel ensemble.

Helene's Paris Packing List

Anggi Reversible Sweater grey abstract/heather
Aro Reversible Cigarette Pants metallic/black
Aro Reversible Cigarette Pants snow leopard/charcoal
Barra Reversible Wrap Dress reptile/black
Billy 4-Way Reversible Tank Top silver metal/black
Halle Reversible Skirt reptile/espresso
Halle Reversible Skirt pewter/floral
Orly Turtleneck black
Odessa Reversible Cardigan charcoal/black

Main photo via Verte Magazine

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  • I so loved taking this special Paris journey through Helen’s travel blog for Fall! Her new HC designs and lovely patterns inspired me to put place an order.
    ThecVerte Magazine article is a charming read. It reminded of how my mom loved Chanel 5 and lovely experiences.

    Patricia H Gentry
  • I loved your trip to Paris inspiring me in travel in your beautiful clothing designs. The music takes me there in spirit!

    Pat Gentry
  • Shoes! what shoes do you wear while touring France?

    Terry Reeves

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