Pack light and carry on.

Your days are not numbered,
the options are endless,
and your luggage is minimal. 

The perfect remedy for carry on travel.
Mix and match heleneclarkson pieces to create the best travel wardrobe.

Paring down with stylish, easy to care for clothing is the perfect remedy for carry on travel. Packing becomes so much more fun when you start with fewer options and, therefore, have fewer decisions to make. So let us take the stress out of your packing! 

Easy Care and Easy Wear

Our line focuses on 5 essential categories that can mix and match to make the perfect, multi-purpose travel ensemble. We choose fabric colours and patterns that coordinate well together. All pieces are machine washable, quick drying and wrinkle-free.

The Carry On Kit

Here is an example of a stylish and versatile travel wardrobe that will easily fit into your carry on bag. We've taken items from our 5 essential categories and shown you an example of a stylish and simple travel wardrobe. 1 or 2 from each category and you're good to go! 


(Shown above are the Oulu Top, Bala Blouse and Sousa Top.)

Pick 1 to 4 Tops, depending on the length of your trip. Choose functional, reversible tops that will go from day to night, or dressy to casual, depending on what you pair them with. 
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(Shown above are the Aro Reversible Bootcut Pants, and the Juniper Pants.)
Pick 1 to 2 pairs of pants, depending on the length of your trip. Maybe you want one short and one long pant, or one slim cut and one flair. Or perhaps just one pair will do.
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(Shown above are the Camrose Maxi Dress and the Salima 3-In-1 Wrap Skirt/Dress.)

Pick just 1 simple dress for your trip. A few of our dresses can be flipped inside out for two entirely different patterns, and some can be turned back to front for two fresh looks.
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(Shown above are the Salima 3-In-1 Wrap Skirt/Dress and the Halle Reversible Skirt.)
Pick just 1 skirt for that evening out, or warmer day. Many of our skirts are reversible so you can have a simple, dark colour on one side and then flip it for a vibrant colour or pattern.


(Shown above are the Lindi Reversible Blazer, Nakina Wool Blend Jacket and the Miri Reversible Jacket.)

Pick 1 of our full reversible jackets. Useful for staying warm, but they also add a flair to your outfit. Worn over any of our tops and with the skirt or the pants, you've got an instant, flattering ensemble.
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Variety and Practicality

Our reversible, interchangeable and coordinating pieces give you unlimited possibilities. By switching pieces around and adding accessories, you'll never bore of your outfits–they will always have a slight variation to them. We’ve got you covered from head to toe, day to night, plane to boardroom. Add a fun piece of jewelry, a scarf or wrap, and a couple of pairs of shoes and you're on your way.
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So don't forget:  Tops + Pants + Skirt + Dress + Jacket = The Perfect Carry On

Happy Travels!