Mother's Day: Helene's Playlist

Mother's Day: Helene's Playlist
To all of the fabulous mother's, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and special women in our lives... this one's for you! 
Happy Mother's Day from Helene Clarkson

1. Mama's Pearl –– Jackson 5
2. Tell Mama –– Etta James
3. Loves Me Like A Rock –– Paul Simon
4. Woman –– John Lennon
5. Mother –– Pink Floyd
6. Let It Be –– The Beatles
7. Mother's Little Helper –– The Rolling Stones
8. Mama Said –– The Shirelles
9. To Love Somebody –– Nina Simone
10. Days Like This –– Van Morrison
11. Heroes –– David Bowie
12. Does Your Mother Know –– Abba
13. Victoria –– The Kinks
14. The Kids Are Alright –– The Who

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