Sip of the Month: Ranch Water

Sip of the Month: Ranch Water
Experience the refreshing kick of our Ranch Water cocktail—a perfect blend of tequila, lime, and bubbly mineral water, inspired by the rugged simplicity of West Texas ranch life and enhanced with the crispness of Topo Chico.
Ranch Water
Ranch Water
Serves 1

 ounces tequila (blanco)
½ ounce lime juice (fresh)
6 ounces Topo Chico mineral water 
3 lime slices (garnish )


 Begin by filling a glass with ice.
Add tequila and lime juice.
Top with Topo Chico mineral water.
Garnish with fresh lime slices.

Explore endless variations of Ranch Water by adding a touch of sweetness with simple syrup, agave, or Grand Marnier, infusing heat with muddled jalapeño slices, opting for a smokier profile with Mezcal, or enhancing citrus notes with grapefruit juice or slices.


Recipe and photo via A Beautiful Mess
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