Sip of the Month: Tom Cat

Sip of the Month: Tom Cat

"There’s nothing like a rollicking cocktail party to bring all the grown-ups together on a gusty winter evening. Make it cozy with lively music, natural swizzle sticks such as tiny tree twigs, and plenty of easy-to-eat appetizers to soak up the alcohol."

"This drink, inspired by a nineteenth-century British gin recipe, is an updated version of the original Old Tom gin cocktail with the addition of mezcal from Mexico for smokiness, vermouth for sweetness, and bitters for complexity. Old Tom gin is appreciated by contemporary bartenders because it’s considered a missing gin link, being a bit drier than Dutch jenever and a little sweeter than London Dry. It’s available in most well-stocked liquor stores, but if you have trouble sourcing it, opt for a drier gin, since this recipe already includes a sweet spirit. This is a fantastically elegant cocktail — so be prepared, your guests will most likely request more than one."

Tom Cat Cocktail


Serves 2


2 oz gin

2 oz mezcal

1 ½ oz sweet vermouth

3-4 dashes Angostura bitters

Garnish of fresh orange or grapefruit peel, any pith removed



In a large cocktail shaker filled three-quarters of the way with ice, combine everything but the garnish; shake well for at least 30 seconds or until the shaker is cold. Strain and pour into cocktail glass, serving immediately.

Recipe and adapted from  The Hygge Life by Gunnar Karl Gíslason and Jody Eddy photo via Food52

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