Style: Packing For A Four Day Trip

Style: Packing For A Four Day Trip
Whether it's a long weekend staycation or jetting off to London, we have the best tips and packing list for traveling carry-on only. Our versatile, lightweight and wrinkle-free clothing helps too!

Packing For A Four Day Trip
Watch how to pack here

Packing List
Three Tops: Anggi Reversible Sweater, Orly Long Sleeve Top, Sabi Reversible Halter
Two Pants: Aro Pant, Ida Jeans
Jacket: Ballina Reversible Jacket
Dress: Sabi Reversible Halter Dress
Pajamas: Champagne Night Shirt
Shoes: Rollasoles and Heel Bag
Makeup: ili New York Leather Hot Lips Pouch
Jewelry Case: Boulevard Leather Travel Jewelry Case
Necklace: Karine Sultan Mia Bib Necklace
Bracelet: Ellesanti Square Gel Bracelet
Earrings: Karine Sultan Free Form Dangle Earrings
Umbrella: Vinrella Bottle Umbrella
Laptop Bag: Boulevard "Jo" Laptop Backpack
Emergency Kit: Anne Cate Skyline Emergency Kit
Water Bottle: Audrey Water Bottle
Wallet: Secrid Mini Wallet
Scarf/Wrap: Saatchi NYC Romatic Polka Dot Wrap/Scarf
Glasses: ili NYC Double Eyeglass Case
Mask: Happy Hour Mask
Passport, Phone, Electronics

Travel Tip
Wear your heaviest outfit on your journey including your coat and shoes
Aro Pant, Orly Long Sleeve Top and Harrow Royale Down Shirt

Multiple Looks Helene Clarkson Travel Clothing
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