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      Blog — sparkling negroni

      Sip of The Month: Pre-Batched Sparkling Negroni

      Sip of The Month: Pre-Batched Sparkling Negroni

      Want to know the secret to the easiest cocktail ever? Pre batch! Making a big batch of a cocktail, storing it in the fridge and pouring it out at your backyard cookout, beach trip, or wherever else you're headed to this summer is the easiest thing ever.

      You might be saying that a Negroni is a bit too boozy to enjoy in the hot, summer sun but we have the solution... Prosecco! Top a slightly smaller version of a classic Negroni with ice-cold prosecco and you’ve got a much lighter version, refreshing and summer-friendly. 

      Sparkling Negroni
      Serves 6

      4 ounces gin
      4 ounces Campari
      4 ounces sweet vermouth
      1.5 ounces water
      1 bottle Prosecco or Cava
      6 orange wedges (optional)

      Prepare the Batch Negroni: Combine gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and water in a sealable container. Refrigerate until ready to go. Keep cocktail container and sparkling wine chilled in a cooler, with ice or chill-packs, at the beach.

      When Ready To Serve: Give the container a swirl, then pour out into six large cups with ice. Top each with around 2 ounces of sparkling wine. (You’ll have around half a bottle left. We assume you’ll know what to do with that.) Add an orange wedge to each, if using.

      Recipe and photo via Thrillist