Lingo Playing Cards

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Share a game with travel friends old and new whilst picking up the essential phrases of your chosen language Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, German... This is the most original and innovative way to learn a new language by combining both the fun of playing cards with the familiar flashcard aesthetics.

Each set functions like a standard deck of cards with 4 suits of 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers – each deck contains 54 of the most commonly used phrases with their phonetic pronunciations.

It will help build or expand your vocabulary. Great for beginners and intermediate speakers.

Countless Ways To Learn and Enjoy – You can now play and learn with all of the standard card games like Poker, Black Jack, Spoons, Rummy, Go Fish, Memory, Crazy Eights, Hearts, and Solitaire.

Premium High-Quality Deck – Made from the best quality materials to ensure each card’s durability and longevity. Also includes a unique and colorful box for easy carry when traveling.

Quickly Learn More Than One Language - Lingo card decks are available in some of the most popular languages from around the world so you can easily prep with essential vocabulary for wherever your travels take you.