Helene Clarkson On Style Matters With Jeanne Beker

Helene Clarkson On Style Matters With Jeanne Beker
Style Matters with Jeanne Beker Returns to TSC and Helene Clarkson Kicks Off The Fall Season Premiere

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Your Style Matters

Knowing ourselves—our body type, our spirit, and our own individual  lifestyle demands—is probably the best grounding we can have, and being true to ourselves is the best style advice I can give.  We’re all longing for those luscious new looks—and trust me, there’s an abundance of possibilities this season—but the biggest luxury we can all indulge in is to sit back and  peruse  all the new offerings, honing in on what we really love, and what works best for us.  I’m thrilled to be launching into another new season of ‘Style Matters’—the perfect place to highlight the pieces that are hot for the season, and explore different ways of putting great looks together.  I look forward to our time together over the next few weeks, as we discover all that fall has to offer, and remember why YOUR style ultimately matters!

This Week on Style Matters

This week on Style Matters, we hone in on three of the top trends for the fall season:  Luxe, Pattern Frenzy, and Working Chic…..

Helene Clarkson at TSC

One of the most exciting prospects for me as TCS’s Style Editor is to introduce you to new labels.  And when those labels are all-Canadian—well, all the more inspiring!  Meet Helene Clarkson, a Toronto-based designer with a wonderfully versatile line of reversible clothing, manufactured right here in Canada.  It’s all machine washable and wrinkle resistant. But what’s really cool about these clothes is that they can all be flipped inside out for a different colour or print, or can be reversed from back to front for a different neckline. When it comes to wardrobe pieces for the modern, working woman with a multi-faceted lifestyle, ultra-busy schedule, and desire for comfort and ease, Helene Clarkson’s lovely collection couldn’t be more perfect.  Besides, it’s all very travel friendly, and that’s something we can all appreciate.  Tune into Style Matters this Thursday at 7pm ET for a first look at these fun and practical, easy-to-wear dresses, pants, tops and jackets…and to meet Helene Clarkson herself.

Amy Kestenberg Fall Bags

But what’s a new fall season without a great new fall bag? In our second hour, we’ll be serving up some of the best bags imaginable, as we check out a stylish selection of Amy Kestenberg’s new fare—some the most beautiful and most luxurious handbags TSC has to offer.  From quilted, rich velvet and stud detailing to soft Nappa leather and leopard print, these sumptuous fabrications and the diverse range of Amy’s shapes, styles and sizes are definitely going to get your stylish heart beating faster.  The shoulder bags and knapsacks are divine! Your biggest dilemma will likely be just which bag to choose.  Personally, I’m longing for the large and dramatic leopard satchel, but I’ll likely have to fight Natalie Belmont for it!  Amy Kestenberg’s high quality, beautiful bags are considered collector items to some. I have no doubt you’ll be seriously tempted by at least one of these luxurious, statement accessories—the perfect accent to all your fall looks.

Fall Fashion Begins

So let the season’s fashion feast begin! It’s going to be a fantastic season, and I can’t wait to share, explore and shop it all with you on Style Matters!

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