Playlist: Sailor Stripes

An ode to the cult classic, the Breton striped top. From the seafarers who wore it first, to Coco Chanel who introduced it to women's fashion and the likes of Pablo Picasso, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and others who made it a classic, here is a musical tribute to the infamous stripes.

Playlist: Sailor Stripes
1. Breizh eo ma bro –  Olivier de Kersauson
2. Fanny danse – Les Marins D'Irois
3. Tri Martolod – Nolwenn Leroy
4. Broh Gozh Va Zadoù  – Nolwenn Leroy
5. Premiere Gymnopèdie – Erik Satie
6. La mauvaise rèputation – Audrey Tatou
7. Je veux – Zaz
8. Sally's Tomato – Henry Mancini Orchestra
9. When Your Lover Has Gone – Billy Holiday
10. My Funny Valentine  – Frank Sinatra

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