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      5 Tips For Traveling Lightweight by La Maison Victor

      5 Tips For Traveling Lightweight by La Maison Victor

      The holiday season has officially started! If you plan to take a few days off, follow these 5 tips to make sure you only take the most important ones with you!
       1. Choose a compact size

      That is the basis: if you take a large suitcase with you, you tend to stuff it full. If you go for a smaller bag, you limit the amount that you can take with you, and you will be forced to choose. And yes, choosing is canceling!

      2. Think of clothing combinations in advance

      Do you suffer from the syndrome of the far too full suitcase? Then forget all those "just in case" and concentrate on the indispensable. Put together a reasonable number of combinations before you start filling the suitcase and ask yourself if you will actually carry it. You save space in your luggage and time at the destination when you get dressed.

      3. Go for reversible clothing

      If you are the type that regularly changes style and clothing, the suitcase phase is probably a true test for you. Good news: traveling light for a 'fashion addict' is now possible with reversible clothing! One item of clothing, two ensembles: ideal to wear the same item of clothing several times and yet alternate in style. Want to give it a try? The Helene Clarkson brand specializes in multifunctional clothing and has a whole collection of reversible outerwear, pants and skirts. Other option: make yourself! In the latest issue of La Maison Victor (edition 4, p. 78) you will find the pattern for the Capri Top and the work description to make it yourself. The perfect tip for sunny days.

      4. Put on heavy or bulky items of clothing

      A warm sweater for cool evenings, that should of course not be missing. But if it takes up too much space in your luggage, put it on when you leave. Do the same with heavy sneakers or thick cardigans. This way you not only save space, but also money (no surcharge for excessively heavy luggage!)

      5. Wash clothes on site

      Liquids may be carried in hand luggage as long as it is possible in 100 ml bottles. Fill a small bottle or container with liquid detergent, then you can wash your clothing yourself and wear it on vacation again. Simple and effective!

      And, ready for departure? Take a break now with edition 4 of La Maison Victor, on our site, at your bookstore, through our affiliated stores, and discover all our new patterns. Do you miss any previous editions? You can order it here . Have a nice holiday!

      This article is from La Maison Victor, published on 7/11/19

      Dressed To Travel: Helene Clarkson Design

      Dressed To Travel: Helene Clarkson Design


      True confession time: Pants are not my friend.

      It’s not that I don’t love them, it’s that often – be it the cut, the shape or the styling – they don’t love me.

      Over the years, I’ve risked frostbitten legs over ill-fitting slacks for exactly that reason. Who wants to be on TV and uncomfortable?

      So, to say I was unconvinced when I tried on these Helene Clarkson Design Andorra pants in her Royal York location the other day, is a massive understatement. But guess what? They were amazing!

      Helene Clarkson Design

      They feel like a jogging pant but look stylish enough for me to already imagine a million places I could wear them.

      And the pants are only the beginning of what is an incredibly versatile collection. We paired the pants with the Andorra top (REVERSIBLE!!!) for my latest CHCH Morning Live segment.

      Spoiler alert: No regrets.

      Dressed to Travel |The Outfit:

      For this appearance I chose the Andorra Pant (Long) – ($189) there is also a cropped version ($149) and the Sabi Reversible Halter ($104) (I wore the “oasis” print but it comes in a variety of colours).


      Dressed to Travel | The Designer:

      Helene Clarkson Design

      Designer Helene Clarkson may look familiar. The Genie-nominated actress appeared in the movie “Blood & Donuts” and on shows like The X-Files. And despite having no professional fashion experience, she has designed a collection of clothing that hits all the points women on the go crave: “Versatile clothing that is reversible, wrinkle resistant and machine washable.” Plus, it’s all made in Canada!

      Her Spring collection launches soon so keep an eye out.

      Dressed to Travel | The Story:

      Here’s why these worked for me. Helene’s designs all do really well with the shape and cut. For us ladies with ample hips, the flares happen at exactly the right places. Plus, the versatility that comes with having pieces that can be worn in a few different ways means not only cost savings but extra space in my luggage. When you’re a carry-on only fanatic, that matters too.

      Dressed to Travel | Travel Rating:

      You could roll up this entire outfit, chuck it in a carry-on and still look like a million bucks at your destination. 5/5

      Helene Clarkson Design

      Dressed to Travel | The Accessories:

      The high collar on the top meant there was no need for a necklace. Had I worn it the other way, I’d have skipped it too as the tie sits in the perfect spot. Plus, the print was a statement all its own. Simple silver drop earrings and black heels completed the look.

      Dressed to Travel | Get It

      The outfit is available for purchase at Helene Clarkson Design. The main shop is on the lower level promenade of The Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Come prepared to try things on. Rather order online? There’s free shipping to Canada and the USA on items over $100. To learn more about the Dressed to Travel series visit here.

      Originally Posted March 3, 2019 via Globetrotting Mama