Meet Graydon Moffat

Meet Graydon Moffat
Name: Graydon Moffat
Occupation: Chief Idea Officer + Founder of Graydon Skincare
Location: Toronto, ON
Favourite Skincare IngredientOur botanical retinol
Guilty Pleasure: A mid-day pick me up at Soul Chocolate

1. Tell us your must-have travel items and why?
All of our products at Graydon Skincare are TSA-approved, so that makes choosing hard! I can’t go anywhere without Fullmoon Serum, Superfood Serum, Face Glow, and our foaming cleanser, Face Foam. Especially on planes, I cannot live without a bottle of our mineral-infused Face Food Mist, because it keeps my face hydrated at all altitudes.

2. What are your favourite heleneclarkson pieces and why?
Hard to choose, I love everything! I particularly love the Aro Reversible Pants, and the Cali Reversible Jacket. Another one I love is the Jinnah Blouse, I wear that all the time. I am currently travelling with all her products as we speak! They are my go-to's.

3. What products from Graydon Skincare are you most excited about right now?
Our Fullmoon Serum, of course! Spoiler alert: we have a double-retinol clarifying, gel-like lotion coming out soon, perfect for super sensitive skin, and that is totally blowing my mind!

4. Any tips for packing skincare products for carry on travel?
Choosing multi-purpose products that help to cleanse and hydrate your skin with both oil and water-based formulas. An example of that is our hydrophilic Fullmoon Serum and our rich oil-based Superfood Serum.

5. What’s your go-to advice for great skin?
Instead of getting stressed out about drinking so much water, eating juicy water-based food will keep you hydrated and increase your digestion. Another is if your face is feeling tired and puffy, take an ice cube and lightly trace it all over you face and make little circles around your eyes, and over your lips.

6. Favourite vacation spot?
Topanga Canyon is still somewhat undiscovered, it's a hippie town in the hills north of Malibu, and I absolutely love it there!

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  • Graydon, firstly we share the same love for Helene’s clothing line.
    I appreciate your incorporating healthy foods that are good for your body into skin products. Superfoods for the skin is very innovative.
    It will be nice to make the coffee grinds into a foot scrub mixture from watching your video recipe. Amazing idea!
    Thank you for sharing your vision in skin care and favorite HC pieces.
    I wish you the best

    Pat Gentry

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