Meet Patricia Gentry

Meet Patricia Gentry
Name: Patricia H. Gentry
Occupation:  Haha! Living in retirement for the past 19 years and growing. It begs the question...
Age72, it's a wonderful age!  
Location: Kentucky, in the wonderful city of Lexington and the beautiful town of Lake Conroe, Texas. We try and enjoy approximately 6 months in each state. After living in wonderful places like New Orleans, Asheville, London, Washington State, New Jersey & Hong Kong, we feel pretty lucky narrowing it down to two.

1. Do you have a favourite travel destination and why?

Florence, Italy. We discovered Florence as a couple on a driving vacation for our 25th anniversary. We stayed at an inn that was a home of Napoleon called Villa CoraWe revisited Florence this past November while on a cruise celebrating our 50th!  My husband and I want to return and enjoy some more of this artistic and romantic city.


2. What are your favourite heleneclarkson pieces and why?

Evening Fave
Tulita "Maxi" Reversible Skirt 
Lille Reversible Poncho 

The Tulita "maxi" skirt, paired with my Lille Poncho is so comfortable and perfect for any occasion. It's such a wonderful outfit to mix and match and add a touch of elegance. Travel made easy!

 My Day Fave
Mirabel Reversible Jacket
Sousa Top
Aro Reversible Cigarette Pants 

I love this pant outfit for travel or everyday activities such as shopping and dining with friends and family. I've packed this outfit on many excursions including our two week cruise in Europe this past November. P.S. Adding the Nadi Wrap for extra warmth makes this a perfectly comfortable outfit for flying. 


3. Favourite travel accessory?
A carry-on bag for flights plus a travel purse. I am not fond of backpacks or totes while sightseeing. A travel cross-body purse that holds an umbrella and a few necessary items is more to my liking leaving my hands free.


4. How often do you travel in a year?
It all depends. We plan one annual two week vacation, hopefully to a foreign country or a cruise.

We also take several 3-5 day stateside trips. We love Bed and Breakfasts or unique inns. We fly or drive for those. I am a fan of Karen Brown travel ideas, whether on a European driving vacation or in the US.  

We research travel books or book online ourselves. We have moved many times in the US and lived twice in other countries. Travel has always been our passion and experiencing different cultures, there's nothing better!


5. Travel Advice?
Do not travel in fear, but be cautious.  I think to embrace the differences of people and cultures is a key to unlocking a great enjoyable adventure of life.


These lovely photos of Patricia Gentry were shot by her son Rob Gentry at Richard Mitchell's Classic Car Museum, Old Iron Works in Montgomery, Texas.  

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  • I had never heard of Helene Clarkson until Pat shared her wonderful experiences with your clothing line and company. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a company that celebrates women of all ages (45+) and does so beautifully. It’s also very nice to see an average person wear the clothes, their backstory, favorites and why. It’s a much more personalized shopping experience than having a fashion model who doesn’t represent the average person. As a customer, I want to know from personal experience that clothing is good for travel, work, etc. Feedback like Pat’s helps! Definitely going to check out your clothing line for my next trip.

    Jamie K.
  • What lovely clothing and beautiful, travel savvy woman. I am a little biased because this is my wonderful Aunt Patsy! She truly is a very seasoned traveler. Last year, as she was preparing for an extended European cruise to celebrate 50 years of marriage, I asked, “how do you pack for a trip like this?” I am a panic driven over-packer and am always curious how others pack so efficiently. She happened to be wearing the Helene Clarkson reversible cigarette pants and jacket and raved about the versatility of Helene’s clothing line. The outfits shown are just as striking in person as in the pictures (as is the model)! I’m so happy to see Patsy showcase Helene’s clothing line and to read her informative and helpful travel tips. The next time I prepare for a trip, I will definitely need a few of Helene’s pieces to make packing and travel as simple and stylish as my Aunt Patsy!

    Myra Hughes
  • Lovely pictures Pat! You wear the clothing so well and you look great! Rob did a wonderful job capturing your best. How fun!

    Ann Marie Bynum

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