Meet Lisa Ashton

Meet Lisa Ashton

Name: Lisa Ashton
Location: Ontario
Most Recent Trip: Namibia

1. Tell us about your most recent trip?
My husband and I recently returned from our second trip to Africa. The first trip included Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and safari camps with game drives in Kenya. This latest adventure was a 12-day guided road trip highlighting the animals, history, geography and cultures of Namibia, a lesser known country on the southwest coast of Africa.

2. What recommendations do you have for someone planning their first safari?
I would highly recommend using a knowledgeable outfitter to arrange trips in these countries. Having drivers and guides to navigate and inform is a definite asset.

3. What animals did you see?

On our travels we have seen many of the typical safari animals including “the Big Five” (buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard), but my standout animal encounters were spending time with the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and meeting the last male Northern White Rhino at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

4. Any tips on packing for a safari?
When packing for an African safari trip, weight is a big factor. Some camps provide laundry service, which helps to reduce the amount of clothing required. Organizers request that you pack in a soft-sided bag such as a duffle.  I have found that “packing cubes” (nylon zippered bags) are a great way to keep clothing and other items organized. I have also learned to bring an extra cube or two to keep worn but still useable clothes separate from clean clothes.

5. What should one wear on safari?
On safari, the preferred wardrobe during the day is neutral coloured clothing (so as to be less visible to the animals). Dressing in layers of lightweight, quick-dry clothing is the best way to be prepared for temperatures that can fluctuate from chilly early mornings to hot afternoons. One useful accessory (which has recently come back into fashion) that I like to have when I travel is a small waist pouch to keep essential items such as iphone, tissues, lip balm and sunscreen handy.

6. What are your favourite 
heleneclarkson pieces and why?
After a dusty day of game drives or sightseeing, most camps and lodges have an opportunity for a shower and a change of clothes before dinner. There is a casual elegance to the evenings at camps, where the guests can mingle and share stories of the day’s adventures. My Helene Clarkson Ruched Alava Skirt was ideal for dressing up a little in the evenings, providing multiple, different looks when paired with different tops and shoes. I look forward to choosing another versatile outfit for my next adventure…wherever that may be!


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  • Lisa, I appreciate your sharing on HC Traveler. Your safri travels are so exciting! It is helpful information as my husband and I are always looking for exciting places to visit.
    We share a passion for travel and the same incredible clothing designer.
    You look so lovely in your HC outfit!
    Pat Gentry

    Patricia H Gentry

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