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      HC Traveler

      Meet Nancy Levin

      Meet Nancy Levin

      Name: Nancy Levin
      Location: Boulder, Colorado
      Most Recent Trip: New York City
      Guilty Pleasure
      Bingeing on pretty much any sappy tv show or movie

      Nancy Levin is a Master Coach and bestselling author of several books, including her latest, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free. Formerly the Event Director at Hay House for over a decade, Nancy is the creator of Levin Life Coach Academy, and offers in-depth coaching and training programs designed to support clients in making themselves a priority and setting boundaries that stick. 

      You’re a master integrative coach, author, speaker and an all around fabulous woman. As a wearer of so many hats, what advice do you have for aspiring female entrepreneurs?
      I see so many women suffering the disease to please and held back by the grip of perfectionism. There will never be a perfect time, perfect marketing copy, perfect anything. Don’t get caught up in waiting for perfect - simply do what needs to be done and keep moving. 

      2. Entrepreneurship is not always as glamorous as is often depicted in the media. What was the hardest part of being an entrepreneur in the early days of your journey?
      m a recovering workaholic, so the initial hurdle for me was how not to work all the time! I, like many entrepreneurs, love my work, but I had to learn to create boundaries around my space and time - and how to say no with grace instead of guilt - so that I didn’t burnout. 

      What was the best advice you ever received as an entrepreneur? And what is the one piece of advice that you now give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
      Don’t quit your day job until you build your side hustle to the level you need it to be so you don’t create added pressure or stress around meeting your financial needs. 

      As a life coach, you are constantly helping other people become the best version of themselves, we want to know how you carve out time for you! What are some of the ways that you practice self-care?
      I have several sacred non-negotiables embedded into evening and morning practices. At night I put my phone into airplane mode, take a hot shower, lights out at 9:30 pm and I listen to a short sleep meditation as I drift off. I wake around 5:30 am and meditate first thing, drink a large mason jar of warm water and lemon, write in my journal and then after that I have coffee and turn my wifi back on. I’ve been doing this for about 4 years now and the impact of not waking up to notifications on my phone alone has been a massive game-changer. 

      Your career takes you all over the world and you’re currently heading to New York City for a special event with Gabby Bernstein to launch your latest book, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free. A lot of work gets done behind the scenes, do you have a personal ritual or method to prepare yourself for speaking engagements?
      I’ve learned that it’s not about the words I say, it’s about the transmission from me to even one person in the audience who needs to hear what I have to share. So the prep is really about focusing on her and allowing my truth to come through and give her permission to reveal hers. 

      6. It's a new year and a new decade, what's next for you?
      Last fall, I launched Levin Life Coach Academy and am taking my first cohort of students through a training and certification program and this is where a lot of my energy and attention is as we move into 2020 and get ready to launch again this fall. And, continuing the conversation about boundaries!

      7. One person living or dead who you would like to have a conversation with?Sylvia Plath 

      8. Name a favourite word or phrase?

      9. Finally, you are a frequent #HCTraveler, what are your go-to pieces from heleneclarkson?
       I have the Orly Dress in 5 colors!!! I also love my several Orly Tops. I have lots of other pieces as well, but clearly my go to is Orly! 


       From the editors at heleneclarkson

      Meet Lisa Ashton

      Meet Lisa Ashton

      Name: Lisa Ashton
      Location: Ontario
      Most Recent Trip: Namibia

      1. Tell us about your most recent trip?
      My husband and I recently returned from our second trip to Africa. The first trip included Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and safari camps with game drives in Kenya. This latest adventure was a 12-day guided road trip highlighting the animals, history, geography and cultures of Namibia, a lesser known country on the southwest coast of Africa.

      2. What recommendations do you have for someone planning their first safari?
      I would highly recommend using a knowledgeable outfitter to arrange trips in these countries. Having drivers and guides to navigate and inform is a definite asset.

      3. What animals did you see?

      On our travels we have seen many of the typical safari animals including “the Big Five” (buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard), but my standout animal encounters were spending time with the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and meeting the last male Northern White Rhino at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

      4. Any tips on packing for a safari?
      When packing for an African safari trip, weight is a big factor. Some camps provide laundry service, which helps to reduce the amount of clothing required. Organizers request that you pack in a soft-sided bag such as a duffle.  I have found that “packing cubes” (nylon zippered bags) are a great way to keep clothing and other items organized. I have also learned to bring an extra cube or two to keep worn but still useable clothes separate from clean clothes.

      5. What should one wear on safari?
      On safari, the preferred wardrobe during the day is neutral coloured clothing (so as to be less visible to the animals). Dressing in layers of lightweight, quick-dry clothing is the best way to be prepared for temperatures that can fluctuate from chilly early mornings to hot afternoons. One useful accessory (which has recently come back into fashion) that I like to have when I travel is a small waist pouch to keep essential items such as iphone, tissues, lip balm and sunscreen handy.

      6. What are your favourite 
      heleneclarkson pieces and why?
      After a dusty day of game drives or sightseeing, most camps and lodges have an opportunity for a shower and a change of clothes before dinner. There is a casual elegance to the evenings at camps, where the guests can mingle and share stories of the day’s adventures. My Helene Clarkson Ruched Alava Skirt was ideal for dressing up a little in the evenings, providing multiple, different looks when paired with different tops and shoes. I look forward to choosing another versatile outfit for my next adventure…wherever that may be!


       From the editors at heleneclarkson

      Meet Patricia Gentry

      Meet Patricia Gentry

      Name: Patricia H. Gentry
      Occupation:  Haha! Living in retirement for the past 19 years and growing. It begs the question...
      Age72, it's a wonderful age!  
      Location: Kentucky, in the wonderful city of Lexington and the beautiful town of Lake Conroe, Texas. We try and enjoy approximately 6 months in each state. After living in wonderful places like New Orleans, Asheville, London, Washington State, New Jersey & Hong Kong, we feel pretty lucky narrowing it down to two.

      1. Do you have a favourite travel destination and why?

      Florence, Italy. We discovered Florence as a couple on a driving vacation for our 25th anniversary. We stayed at an inn that was a home of Napoleon called Villa CoraWe revisited Florence this past November while on a cruise celebrating our 50th!  My husband and I want to return and enjoy some more of this artistic and romantic city.


      2. What are your favourite heleneclarkson pieces and why?

      Evening Fave
      Tulita "Maxi" Reversible Skirt 
      Lille Reversible Poncho 

      The Tulita "maxi" skirt, paired with my Lille Poncho is so comfortable and perfect for any occasion. It's such a wonderful outfit to mix and match and add a touch of elegance. Travel made easy!

       My Day Fave
      Mirabel Reversible Jacket
      Sousa Top
      Aro Reversible Cigarette Pants 

      I love this pant outfit for travel or everyday activities such as shopping and dining with friends and family. I've packed this outfit on many excursions including our two week cruise in Europe this past November. P.S. Adding the Nadi Wrap for extra warmth makes this a perfectly comfortable outfit for flying. 


      3. Favourite travel accessory?
      A carry-on bag for flights plus a travel purse. I am not fond of backpacks or totes while sightseeing. A travel cross-body purse that holds an umbrella and a few necessary items is more to my liking leaving my hands free.


      4. How often do you travel in a year?
      It all depends. We plan one annual two week vacation, hopefully to a foreign country or a cruise.

      We also take several 3-5 day stateside trips. We love Bed and Breakfasts or unique inns. We fly or drive for those. I am a fan of Karen Brown travel ideas, whether on a European driving vacation or in the US.  

      We research travel books or book online ourselves. We have moved many times in the US and lived twice in other countries. Travel has always been our passion and experiencing different cultures, there's nothing better!


      5. Travel Advice?
      Do not travel in fear, but be cautious.  I think to embrace the differences of people and cultures is a key to unlocking a great enjoyable adventure of life.


      These lovely photos of Patricia Gentry were shot by her son Rob Gentry at Richard Mitchell's Classic Car Museum, Old Iron Works in Montgomery, Texas.  

      From the editors at heleneclarkson

      Meet Graydon Moffat

      Meet Graydon Moffat

      Name: Graydon Moffat
      Occupation: Chief Idea Officer + Founder of Graydon Skincare
      Location: Toronto, ON
      Favourite Skincare IngredientOur botanical retinol
      Guilty Pleasure: A mid-day pick me up at Soul Chocolate

      1. Tell us your must-have travel items and why?
      All of our products at Graydon Skincare are TSA-approved, so that makes choosing hard! I can’t go anywhere without Fullmoon Serum, Superfood Serum, Face Glow, and our foaming cleanser, Face Foam. Especially on planes, I cannot live without a bottle of our mineral-infused Face Food Mist, because it keeps my face hydrated at all altitudes.

      2. What are your favourite heleneclarkson pieces and why?
      Hard to choose, I love everything! I particularly love the Aro Reversible Pants, and the Cali Reversible Jacket. Another one I love is the Jinnah Blouse, I wear that all the time. I am currently travelling with all her products as we speak! They are my go-to's.

      3. What products from Graydon Skincare are you most excited about right now?
      Our Fullmoon Serum, of course! Spoiler alert: we have a double-retinol clarifying, gel-like lotion coming out soon, perfect for super sensitive skin, and that is totally blowing my mind!

      4. Any tips for packing skincare products for carry on travel?
      Choosing multi-purpose products that help to cleanse and hydrate your skin with both oil and water-based formulas. An example of that is our hydrophilic Fullmoon Serum and our rich oil-based Superfood Serum.

      5. What’s your go-to advice for great skin?
      Instead of getting stressed out about drinking so much water, eating juicy water-based food will keep you hydrated and increase your digestion. Another is if your face is feeling tired and puffy, take an ice cube and lightly trace it all over you face and make little circles around your eyes, and over your lips.

      6. Favourite vacation spot?
      Topanga Canyon is still somewhat undiscovered, it's a hippie town in the hills north of Malibu, and I absolutely love it there!

      From the editors of heleneclarkson

      Meet Helene Clarkson

      Meet Helene Clarkson

      Name: Helene Clarkson
      Designer and CEO of heleneclarkson
      Location: Toronto
      Guilty Pleasure: 
      Mini Oreos. LOVE THEM!

      1. What is your favourite HC travel outfit?
      Now, this is a little tricky as I do have quite a few faves! On the actual travel day, I always wear my Aro Cigarette Pants because they are super comfy and because they are pull-ons they have no zippers and there’s no need for a belt which makes getting through security a breeze. I will wear one of my Sousa Tops which has just enough coverage at the back end and works well under my Cali Reversible Jacket, which is my go to jacket for travel because it is so easy to dress up or down. Finally, I always have my Nadi Wrap to keep my neck stylish and warm!

      2. Favourite Travel Destination and Why?
      Many years ago, as a family trip, my parents took my brother and me on a safari to Kenya. I have traveled to many countries since then and have had many wonderful adventures, but to me that was the greatest trip EVER! We were so lucky to be literally in the wild with these incredible animals all around us. You could hear the lions at night so close by and during the day, the elephants would be at our breakfast table. We were also very blessed to meet quite a few of the Masai people who were so inspiring and so elegant. It was a most magical trip.

      3. Favourite Travel Accessory? 
      My sleeping pills. Brilliant!

      4. Which Female Traveler or Adventurer Do You Most Admire? Karen Blixen. Perhaps because of how affected I was by Kenya, her memoir Out of Africa was and is one of my favourite books of all time. Beautifully evocative and devastating. She was a brilliant writer and an amazingly resilient woman who managed to bash on through shockingly difficult times. The ultimate adventurer.

      5. What Country/City is on your bucket list?
      I would love to visit the country Bhutan. Who wouldn’t want to go to a country where Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product. How refreshing!

      6. What is the most fulfilling part of your career?
      I love hearing from my customers. I have the most wonderful and supportive customer base. I thoroughly enjoy hearing how my clothes make a difference to busy women, whether traveling across town or across the ocean!

      From the editors of heleneclarkson